About Alistair

PINIMAGEAlistair Eagle is frequently asked about his last name.  He did not make it up nor adopt it.  He was born with it.  The name Eagle was first used in 15th Century England.

Alistair is Vancouver’s go-to Photographer/Videographer for upscale Corporate & Social Events, high-end Portrait Photography, Business Marketing Images and compelling Corporate Videos.

With a background in journalism, performance arts and film making, Alistair combines creativity, curiosity and a vast experience which stimulates a compelling concept and amazing photos to support his clients’ objectives.

Alistair has been fortunate to study with great image makers such as Gregory Heisler, photographer for over 70 Time magazine covers; and noted Cinematographer, Joel Ransom.

As to the philosophy of image making, Alistair believes it all comes down to playing with light, gesture and color. Extensive preparation and a game plan for the shoot sets the foundation for the spontaneity and sense of aliveness that infuse Alistair’s amazing images.

In his spare time, Alistair sings and plays percussion in a band.